Jala Neti

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ネティポットにぬるま湯を入れます。温度は人肌程度で、熱すぎないようにします。塩を足し、塩が完全に溶けるまで混ぜ合わせます。(ぬるま湯 1/4リットルに対して、小匙1/2)。












Hay fever season is here and so it is the perfect time to reintroduce Jala neti. Shatkarmas are yogic  purification techniques for the body. Neti is nasal cleansing.  Jala neti is nasal cleansing with warm salt water poured through the sinuses. It is a safe and effective way of clearing out our sinuses, and cleansing our olfactory to breathe better and improve our respiratory systems ability to extract foreign objects (like pollen and dust etc) from the air before coming into our lungs. It is easy to do and to add to your morning routine.

What you will need:
Neti pot or small tea pot without a sharp spout
clean salt
warm water
hand towel

How to do Prepare:
Fill the neti pot with warm water from the faucet. It should be body temperature- not too hot.  Add salt and stir to dissolve the salt completely. (Mix 1/2 teaspoon of salt to 1/4 liter of warm water. )

Jala neti:
Over a sink tilt your head to the right side and keeping the pot higher than your head, insert the spout into your left nostril gently so that the nostril is fully closed with the spout. Pour 1/2 the saline water in (about 10 to 20 seconds) while keeping your mouth open and relaxed breathing. The water should enter through your left nostril through your sinuses and out through the right nostril and down into the sink.

Put the pot down and close the left nostril and blow out your right nostril gently a few times to extract any remaining water and impurities.

Then tilt your head to the left and pour the remaining water through the right nostril and out through the left nostril.

When finished, close the right nostril and blow out your left nostril gently a few times.

Do an easy uttanasana (standing forward bend) and hold for 30 seconds or so.  While doing this any remaining water will come to the nose, and will drain out easily when you stand up. (Thus the hand towel)

With practice Jala neti takes only about 3 to 5 min including preparation. It is usually done in the early morning and not after a meal.  Once a day is enough although it can be done a second time later in the day to help relieve  strong hay fever symptoms or slight cold congestion.

Precaution: It is not recommended if you have a sinus infection, flu, or have frequent bleeding from the nose.




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