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A1:毎年 冬期(1-4月)、春夏期(5-8月)、秋期(9-12月)の3期に分けて行われている、メンバー固定のヨガコース(事前申込・お支払い制)です。レベル別のアサナクラスはもちろん、マントラや呼吸法といったヨガを深める上でも欠かせないクラスもご用意しています。期間中にほぼ毎週ある(およそ全13回)クラスから、月に1-2回(全4-8回)のクラスなど、内容や頻度もバリエーションがあります。


Q3: シリーズクラスによって決済のタイミングが違うのはなぜ?



詳細は右のURLをクリック! https://shizenyoga.com/j/classes/series

SHIZEN offers series classes in three terms in addition to our open class program. Below are answers to frequently asked questions.
Q1: What is a series Class?
A1: Series classes are a course of closed classes offered 3 times a year: winter  (January – April), spring/summer (May- August), and autumn (Sept. – Dec).  Series classes require advanced registration and payment to attend. Registration is opened for a specified time prior to the start of each term.

In addition to asana classes, there are series classes for other yoga practices such as mantra chanting and pranayama breathing methods. Series class content and the frequency of classes may vary but most classes are held weekly (about 13 classes a term) or semi weekly (4 to 8 classes a term).

Q2: Why do some classes require a minimum for registration?
A2: Some classes are newly introduced to the series class listing. However many series classes are ongoing, and composed of long time students so it is expected that the minimum number will be easily reached. These classes have no minimum requirement and can be purchased immediately when registration opens. When a new series class is introduced the day, time or topic may or may not be popular so a minimum number of students to reserve is required before class registration will open. Once the minimum number is reached, the purchase button will activate  to enable official class registration and an email sent to reserved members to notify them of such .

Q3: What is the benefit of a series class?
A3:  There are several advantage points  to joining a series class.

  • It is a closed class so there are no new students encountered each week like in open classes. Students become better acquainted, pair work is more effective, and concentration improves as the group consolidates.
  • A series class is an advanced commitment to attend class each week and study regularly.
  •  Familiarity with students abilities enables instructor to customize class content to better challenge  and develop their skills.
  • Consistency in student attendance enables instructors to build on previous class content for deeper understanding and to expand beyond the basics introduced in open classes.

Weather you are new to yoga or a more seasoned yoga student you will find a series class enables the depth of learning and the element of constancy to develop and maintain progress in your practice.

See our Series Class page for details of series classes offered and for registration.



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