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SHIZEN user friendly Website.

Our website was designed for our growing community of regular students and to warmly welcome new students to SHIZEN. Here are some helpful hints to easily navigate through our website and access the information you are looking for quickly.

The Top Page has News with the latest information and Todays Schedule for easy reference.

Below these, there are two boxes, for Beginners or Members.

If it’s your first time to SHIZEN click through Beginner to see all the information you need to know about our studio in one scroll down page; including pricing, class descriptions, instructors, and about SHIZEN Yoga.

Already a student of SHIZEN? Click through the Member page to find the latest SHIZEN program information on a single scroll down page; including the monthly calendar, special classes and workshops/event listings.

Email confirmations for credit card purchases include the class or workshop details and can be printed to include with your credit card statement as a SHIZEN Yoga receipt. Your purchase history is also available in your “My page” information for you to access at any time.

Finally, as Yahoo, Hotmail and gmail have strong security updated frequently, to ensure you will receive our notices for credit card purchase confirmations, event registrations etc., set your email preferences to include emails from and prevent bounce backs.

We look forward to seeing you in our studio.


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