English Yoga Classes in Kichijoji

As the international population of Kichijoji and the surrounding area of Tokyo continues to grow, SHIZEN Yoga Studio expands its English and English friendly services to our growing yoga community.

Our website and newsletter are fully bilingual with all information available in English https://shizenyoga.com/e/ and English email inquiries to our info@shizenyoga.com account are answered in English.

Our open class schedule includes the following asana classes with Dominica:

English only class
Friday 17:30 Basic 1

Taught in Japanese and English when requested
Monday 9:00 Intermediate
Tuesday 11:00 Basic 2
Thursday 9:00 Basic 2
Thursday 19:30 Basic 2
Saturday 17:00 Intermediate

Meditation classes with John Munroe are also offered and bilingual upon request. See the Special Class schedule for dates and times https://shizenyoga.com/e/classes/special/index.html

Although most open classes are taught only in Japanese, our instructors (and many of our regular students) are comfortable with English conversation and can answer any questions and assist you in English before or after their class.

We also offer several workshops throughout the year with international guest instructors who teach in English with Japanese interpreters.

We believe yoga is an inclusive practice and that the benefits of yoga speaks to all of us equally. We look forward to welcoming you to a class at SHIZEN Yoga.



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