Yogic Lifestyle: eating light

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Eating or should I say not eating is often a challenge for yoga instructors and students with busy schedules. To avoid eating  before practice can be challenging when work, teaching, and class schedules are tight.  Here are some suggestions that I have found helpful over the years. These suggestions are perfect between classes when there is little time to eat but you need something light to hold you through another few hours of teaching or practice. Since each of us is different, get to know what digests well for you and keep some of those foods in stock at home to take with you when needed.

*Crispbread is a thick dense cracker made of seeds and grains. It digests well and one crispbread cracker can fill you easily.  (It is now available at Kaldi Farm.)
*Nuts are another light snack if chewed thoroughly that gives energy without weighing you down.
*A piece of fresh fruit or vegetable
*A little dried fruit


A little of the right food will provide you with the energy your body and mind needs to practice more effectively than no food and contribute to maintaining your mental and physical balance.

If you have any other suggestions please let us know!




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