SHIZENヨガスタジオ 3/12に再開します SHIZEN Yoga Studio Resumes March 12th

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Thank you for your support of SHIZEN Yoga Studio.

Studio classes will resume from Thursday March 12th.

As conditions remain fluid we will continue to monitor government news and other sources to take prompt measures accordingly so please check SHIZEN Yoga top page news items and our SNS regularly for the latest announcements and possible class changes or cancellations.

We appreciate your cooperation with these preventive measure against the new coronavirus and other infections when visiting SHIZEN Yoga Studio:
In Studio and Classes
・Max class size is limited to 16, first come first serve basis. Excess students will be turned away, sorry no reservations.
・Wash your hands well before entering the studio or when going to the bathroom or use the alcohol disinfectant at the reception.
・Participation in class with mask is accepted (but not required)
・Physical assist and contact will be kept to a minimum and pair work avoided
・Studio will be ventilated regularly between classes and sanitized daily

In Classes
・ Please follow the instructor’s instructions for preparing and clearing the props.
・Personal sports towel to use over bolsters, blankets etc. is recommended
・Personal mats are encouraged for class use and can be kept in studio as space enables.

To prevent the spread of illness or infection please refrain from attending class:
・If you are particularly vulnerable to illness, have chronic medical conditions or in high risk group for COVID19 health complications- please refrain from attending class.
・If you feel like you might be catching a cold or are already exhibiting any cold like symptoms such as coughing.
・If you have had a 37.5 degree temp and respiratory conditions within 24 hours.

Thank you for your cooperation and we look forward to seeing you in class.
SHIZEN Yoga Studio

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