2019年1-4月新スケジュール Jan- April 2019 new schedule

English follows Japanese.



月 11:00 ベーシック1 ムツコ先生
火 13:00 ゆったりヨガ ムツコ先生
水 17:30 女性のためのヨガ ミキ先生 NEW!
木 9:00 ベーシック1/2 ドミニカ先生
土 13:00 ベーシック1  マリ先生 NEW!
土 15:00 ベーシック1/2 タマミ先生

shizen_schedule_2019_01-04 (PDF)


New January- April 2019 open class schedule!

Some open class changes and new additions have been made to the Jan- April 2019 schedule.

Mon 11:00 Basic 1 Mutsuko
Tue 13:00 Gentle Yoga Mutsuko
Wed 17:30 Yoga for Women Miki NEW!
Thu 9:00 Basic 1/2 Dominica
Sat 13:00 Basic 1 Mari NEW!
Sat 15:00 Basic 1/2 Tamami


New Year 2019 Inspire your practice

English follows Japanese.



パタンジャリのヨーガ・スートラ1章14節 ―エドウィン・ブライアント


このスライドショーの写真は、2018年SHIZEN ヨガスタジオで毎週行われた練習で撮られたものです。このインストラクターの練習時間は私たちにとって、互いにシェアし、学び、教え、触発しあえる、とても貴重な時間です。そして、しばしば、自身のティーチングの源ともなり、SHIZEN ヨガスタジオの精神がそこに宿っているのです。


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It is better to aim high and miss, than to aim low and hit.- Les Brown

Practice becomes firmly established when it has been cultivated uninterruptedly and with devotion over a prolonged period of time.
Yoga Sutras of Patanjali 1.14- Edwin Bryant

Yoga is not something intended for a few months, or years but for a lifetime. The challenge in yoga is not stiff joints or tight muscles but to establish a regular practice and then to sustain it over the long term. The enthusiasm we begin with soon wanes. Like a fire it must be tended to and fed to keep from burning out. Sometimes the fire burns even and steady. More frequently we need to add new kindle, to stoke the dying embers to keep the fire of our practice going. Now is the time to feed the fire of our enthusiasm by reaching high, thinking big and envisioning a dream to really challenge ourselves. Lets look forward to the mistakes we will make and learn from, and to the unexpected surprises we will encounter along the way to further cultivate our practice and propel it forward into the new year ahead.

The slide show photos are taken from some of the SHIZEN instructors weekly practices over the year 2018. Our instructors practice time is a precious time for us to share, learn, teach and  inspire each other. It is often the source of our teaching and the spirit of yoga found at SHIZEN Yoga Studio.

From all of us at SHIZEN, we wish you an inspirational new year!



English follows Japanese.


17:00- 中級 ドミニカ先生→ムツコ先生

13:00- 産後ヨガ チカ先生→ミキ先生

13:00- ゆったりヨガ マリ先生→休講


13:00- ゆったりヨガ マリ先生→休講

9:00- 11:00-のクラスはスケジュール通り行われます。

9:00-10:30 ドミニカ先生によるコミニティクラス 全レベル(無料)
10:30-12:00 スタジオ大掃除とお茶タイム



For December Substitute teaching schedule 

・12/1 (Sat)
17:00- Intermediate Dominica→Mutsuko

・12/7 (Fri)
13:00- Postnatal Yoga Chika→ Miki

・12/19.26 (Wed)
13:00- Gentle Yoga Mari→ Class Canceled

・12/24 (Mon) STUDIO CLOSED for  floor maintenance
・12/28 (Fri) 13:00- STUDIO CLOSED for air conditioner maintenance (9:00 Intermediate and 11:00 Gentle Yoga are scheduled as usual)

New Year’s season schedule
Saturday Dec.29th
Our annual community free class and studio cleaning will conclude this years class program.
9:00 -10:30 All Level Class- Dominica
10:30-12:00 Studio Cleaning/Tea time

We look forward to having you join us!
And we appreciate your understanding and cooperation.


Yogic Lifestyle: eating light

English follows Japanese.







Eating or should I say not eating is often a challenge for yoga instructors and students with busy schedules. To avoid eating  before practice can be challenging when work, teaching, and class schedules are tight.  Here are some suggestions that I have found helpful over the years. These suggestions are perfect between classes when there is little time to eat but you need something light to hold you through another few hours of teaching or practice. Since each of us is different, get to know what digests well for you and keep some of those foods in stock at home to take with you when needed.

*Crispbread is a thick dense cracker made of seeds and grains. It digests well and one crispbread cracker can fill you easily.  (It is now available at Kaldi Farm.)
*Nuts are another light snack if chewed thoroughly that gives energy without weighing you down.
*A piece of fresh fruit or vegetable
*A little dried fruit


A little of the right food will provide you with the energy your body and mind needs to practice more effectively than no food and contribute to maintaining your mental and physical balance.

If you have any other suggestions please let us know!


Yoga Pants 3 Day Sale !

ヨガの練習の中で、私達は身体の中の知性や繊細さを失った部分に更に注意を向けていきます。クラスの中でも自己練習の時でも、観察する対象の身体を纏うもの(Tシャツ、パンツやブルマー)はある程度フィットしていて腕や脚などパーツが見えるものがおすすめです。生徒もインストラクターも微細な身体の動きをより観察しやすく、より注意を向けることができます。In yoga we make an effort to bring our attention to places in the body that have lost intelligence or sensitivity. As students and instructors we observe the actions and details of the body in poses,  so fitted t-shirts and shorts or bloomers that expose the legs and arms are recommended for practice and in class.


3 days only Sept 22-24 Altier yoga bloomers will be available for sale at SHIZEN Yoga Studio between 13:00 and 13:20.  Selection is limited, available sizes, S, M ,L. Exact change required please.



English Yoga Classes in Kichijoji

As the international population of Kichijoji and the surrounding area of Tokyo continues to grow, SHIZEN Yoga Studio expands its English and English friendly services to our growing yoga community.

Our website and newsletter are fully bilingual with all information available in English https://shizenyoga.com/e/ and English email inquiries to our info@shizenyoga.com account are answered in English.

Our open class schedule includes the following asana classes with Dominica:

English only class
Friday 17:30 Basic 1

Taught in Japanese and English when requested
Monday 9:00 Intermediate
Tuesday 11:00 Basic 2
Thursday 9:00 Basic 2
Thursday 19:30 Basic 2
Saturday 17:00 Intermediate

Meditation classes with John Munroe are also offered and bilingual upon request. See the Special Class schedule for dates and times https://shizenyoga.com/e/classes/special/index.html

Although most open classes are taught only in Japanese, our instructors (and many of our regular students) are comfortable with English conversation and can answer any questions and assist you in English before or after their class.

We also offer several workshops throughout the year with international guest instructors who teach in English with Japanese interpreters.

We believe yoga is an inclusive practice and that the benefits of yoga speaks to all of us equally. We look forward to welcoming you to a class at SHIZEN Yoga.








アーサナの練習と同じように、うまくできない自分や かっこ悪い自分に向き合うのは怖いけれど、その時のわたしに必要な教えを伝えてくださる なお先生から、どんな自分もまるごと受け入れる勇気をいただいている気がします。

古くから音として伝わるマントラをこの日本にいながら学べること、そして、その伝統を伝えてくださる なお先生に出会えたことに感謝しながら、これからもマントラと共にいたいと思っています。


月曜日13:00-14:30 マントラベーシック
月曜日15:00-16:30 マントラを唱える